nSP is an advanced imaging products and services company located in Houston, TX which specializes in flash photography of events lasting only millionths of a second in duration. Founded in June of 2010 by a former member of a NASA plasma propulsion research lab, we are a small company that uses originally designed and manufactured equipment to capture our client's otherwise impossible photographs. From hypersonic impact research to handgun photography, we are the experts in our field. Our equipment is designed and manufactured on-site, allowing us flexibility to meet the most demanding of our client's requirements. Our NanoFlash flash head is used for high-speed event illumination, and the controller for it is selected by you for your application. We value your business and hope that you contact us soon.

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The below photograph resolves the intracacies of a fluid jet exactly 500 microseconds after exiting a nozzle. There is no end to the capabilities of our NanoFlash imaging system.

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